When A Great Team Took The Oath Of Preparing Good Foods

This is a story of a great team of few food enthusiasts who have decided to create something amazing and unforgettable for the food lovers in Australia. Met 2 Café is a restaurant that was established in 1960 in Sydney CBD, which was once a small home to authentic Indian cuisines with limited dishes and impressive hospitality.

After many years of hard work and honest service, now we become one of the most talk-about Indian restaurants in Sydney CBD. People come here with an expectation of having not only good foods but also a friendly ambience and caring approach from our staffs. Our entire team works hard to fulfil all your desires of having great food and unbeatable service.

Come And Visit One Of The Celebrated Restaurants In Australia

Met 2 Café is considered as one of the most celebrated and popular restaurants in Australia that provide the clients with an exclusive list of foods. Whenever you visit our restaurant, you will see tastiest and delicious foods all around you, which will surely make you feel hungry!

Chef's Dishes
Сoffee Сups
Happy Guests
Worked Hours
Apart From Tasty Foods
What We Can Offer
Memorable moments
Some of your most memorable moments in life can be spent in our restaurant when you visit the same. We always try to make your every visit unforgettable and help you to leave with lots of precious memories.
We always strive to offer quality services along with great Indian foods to our customers to make them happy and satisfied. This is the reason the local people consider us as one of the best Asian restaurants in Sydney.
Customer experience
We also know that music plays a vital role in making the moods of our clients. This is the reason we offer them to choose their favorite music while having some personal time in our cafe.
We are keen to keep our restaurant clean all the time because we know that no one prefers to have their foods in an untidy and unhygienic place. Our cleaning staffs work hard to keep our place completely spotless.
Our Motto
Our intention is clear! We want to make a long-lasting and strong relationship with our customers. We want them to plan their next visit to our restaurant even before they finish their current meal at Met 2 Café.
We also believe in making a strong relationship with our vendors and suppliers in order to access the most authentic and fresh ingredients from all across Australia. Our ingredients are not only fresh but they are rich in aroma and flavor too.
Our Specialities
Great Ambiance
Neat Serving
Good Quantity
Rich Look
Friendly Staffs

Apart from all these superior qualities, the low cost of our food also plays a major role in giving us our current position. Your search for good quality and cheap Indian restaurants in Sydney ends here with us.